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We're hoping to encourage you to find
a new perspective on life
and propel yourself
out of misfortune!

Today's Encouragement:

6 - Refusing Attitudes of Blight

Isaiah 61:
1 "The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon Me,
Because the LORD has anointed Me
To preach good tidings to the poor ....

In this eCourse we are addressing the syndrome of poverty as a curse upon
the finances
the health
relationships with people.

Poverty also goes along with certain attitudes which severely blight the lives of those who hold these beliefs.

These blighting attitudes are:
Someone else is to blame for my situation and my lack.
Someone owes me big time for what I've been through: my mother, father, brother, sister, the church, the government, society, etc.
I can't wait!
I must have what I want now! Immediately!
I must be given another chance because everyone else had more advantages in life than I did.

To lift myself out of poverty
And become the person God created me to be
I need to change my thinking:

Attitude 4,
I need to remember
That not everything I need or want
Comes to me immediately,
Many times I need to be patient and wait,
And work hard to achieve,
Just like everyone else.

If you are willing to give up these mind-sets and adopt God's requirements for your life, you will experience the blessing of God flooding into your life and transforming you.

Father, forgive me for blaming someone else for my misfortune.
Forgive me for feeling that those around me owe a break me because of my present position.
Forgive me for lacking patience and wanting what I want right now.
Forgive me for expecting others to give me a second chance after I've messed up my life.
Forgive me for being envious of others when I think they've had better good fortune in life than I've had.
Help me to give up these mistaken beliefs,
in Jesus' name,