Hi there!
Sol Wise Welcomes You Today!
We're hoping to encourage you to find
a new perspective on life
and propel yourself
out of misfortune!

Today's Encouragement:

2. Prepare for GOD's arrival!

To lift myself out of poverty
And become the person God created me to be
I need to change my thinking about Myself:

I need to know for sure that
Nobody owes me anything!
Nobody owes me time or trust,
Nobody owes me sympathy or friendship.
Nobody owes me forgiveness
or another chance to do things right.
I'm just not entitled - full stop!

That may sound harsh, but sometimes when we have had a great deal of misfortune in life, we begin to compare our own life with others around us. Then we come to the conclusion that, because we have been the victim of misfortune, somebody owes us all or most of the things mentioned above.

That kind of thinking keeps us in the grasp of misfortune. So let that thinking go permanently!

Know this too:
You must be prepared to work with God to bring a positive change of direction in your life:
Isaiah 40:
1"Comfort, oh comfort my people," says your God.
2 "Speak softly and tenderly to Jerusalem/(put your name here), but also make it very clear That she has served her sentence, that her sin is taken care of - forgiven! She's been punished enough and more than enough, and now it's over and done with."
3 Thunder in the desert! "Prepare for GOD's arrival! Make the road straight and smooth, a highway fit for our God.
4 Fill in the valleys, level off the hills, Smooth out the ruts, clear out the rocks.
5 Then GOD 's bright glory will shine and everyone will see it. Yes. Just as GOD has said."
(from THE MESSAGE: The Bible in Contemporary Language © 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson. All rights reserved.)